iSpring QuizMaker, 1-year Subscription (Business / Non-Profit / EDU)


The quiz maker tool people love to use

With iSpring QuizMaker, you can create beautiful assessments, set up custom scoring, and evaluate employees’ progress online.
iSpring QuizMaker helps assess employees’ competency and knowledge, train their job skills and reinforce learning

Assess skills and competencies online
With iSpring QuizMaker, you can automatically measure the competency levels of your staff members. Simply create a quiz, upload to your LMS, and get an objective overview of employees’ skills and knowledge throughout all departments.

Reinforce knowledge after training
Enhance your training materials with quizzes and practical activities, which will help employees polish the new skills, and you can make sure they’ve grasped the material before moving on.

Teach employees through quizzes
Use drill & practice activities and detailed feedback to help your employees master materials at their own pace. You can give multiple attempts on quizzes, add comments to each question, and provide useful links and materials.

Let employees practice the new skills
With interactive activities, you can stimulate learning and help employees build and polish their skills. For example, a merchandiser can practice displaying products on shelves, or a sales manager can learn how to use an electronic cash register


iSpring QuizMaker, 1-year Subscription (Business / Non-Profit / EDU)