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Deciding on a direction for your e-learning strategy can be challenging. What are the available technology options within the e-learning market? What is the best way to structure the content? How much course interaction do learners need? At Muntada our e-learning consultants have combined over 10 years of experience, to help you every step of the way.

Muntada LMS Consulting

Scoping and Needs Analysis

Our consultants will work with various stakeholders within your organisation to identify and define the right e-learning approach. With the expertise and guidance from Muntada, your organisation will be able to develop and implement an e-learning strategy that is well thought-out, robust and cost-efficient.


We analyse your current learning approach and future needs to recommend the most viable direction (strategy, technology, new methods etc.).


We develop an e-learning strategy for your organisation built on sound education principles and modern approaches to online learning.

technology & implementation

Our e-learning consultants help you to choose the right technology, features and functionalities that fits your organisation’s needs.


Recommendation of modern e-learning tools and assistance to create useful, interactive and sustainable training programs.

instructional design

We will help you to develop a blueprint for your online learning courses. We specify new e-learning design and development processes that can easily fit with existing procedures.


We show you how to succeed with e-learning by utilising modern marketing channels and developing a marketing plan for your new platform and courses.

Scope of E-learning Consulting Services

E-Learning Content Tailored for Your Organisation

Having the right approach for your instructional design and content creation needs is critical to the success of any e-learning strategy. The content creation experts at Muntada will help you outline and develop customised online courses for your organisation.

LMS Content Creation services
LMS Content Creation services

Video, Audio and Multimedia

Working closely with your organisation’s subject matter experts (SMEs), our content experts will design and create interactive, modern and robust online courses using best in class e-learning authoring tools and techniques.

Some sample of our content development work

We Host Your Learning Management System

Muntada offers a fully hosted LMS. Have the time and resources you need to focus on other aspects of your business while we manage the rest.

We also would advise end users if they prefer to host by themselves. We will cater the end user budget and requirement.

LMS Hosting
LMS Hosting

Different Hosting Packages to Suit Every Requirement

Whether you have 50 or 10,000+ users we bring the superior expertise and services that no other LMS provider can deliver. Our plans are specially designed to cover every aspect of your organisation’s learning needs.

E-Learning Support for Managing Your Learning Platform

Our LMS systems gives you full autonomy of your learning environment (course setup, structure, branding etc.). If you need help, our experienced team will guide you every step of the way.

LMS Our support services
LMS Support Services

We Offer a Wide Range of Flexible E-Learning Support Packages

Muntada understands the need for excellent delivery of online courses. That is why we offer a wide range of flexible e-learning support packages. Benefit from our professional support by contacting our helpdesk for administrative, technical or general how-to questions.

Some of the companies that we have served successfulLy

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