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E-Learning Content (SCORM) for Your Organization

Having the right approach for your instructional design and content creation needs is critical to the success of any e-learning strategy. The content creation experts at Muntada will help you outline and develop customized online courses for your organisation.

LMS Content Creation services
LMS Content Creation services

Video, Audio and Multimedia

Working closely with your organisation’s subject matter experts (SMEs), our content experts will design and create interactive, modern and robust online courses using best in class e-learning authoring tools and techniques.

Make your LMS consistent and run eLearning courses from diverse systems

SCORM, described as ‘best of breed solution’, is a reference model and is developed on the top of existing specifications. It can be used by the programmers to pen-down their code, enable trainers to track learner’s performance and produce performance reports. SCORM package development defines the development of shareable content object in various systems and reference model reflects its significance.

Key elements included in SCORM package development courses

Elegant & Responsive Course Designs

Informative PPTs

Interactive Quizzes/Puzzles

Engaging Videos