Muntada Group

Muntada Group of Companies was established on September 16, 2005. Over the past decade, we have remained committed to delivering cutting-edge ICT solutions to a diverse range of clients, including small enterprises, large multinational corporations, and local community colleges.

Muntada is now the master distributor for the following award-winning software companies:

  1. Netsupport Ltd (UK): award winning Lab Management for school and IT Asset Management Solution
  2. Horizon Datasys (USA): the world leader in intelligent “system restore” solution
  3. iSpring Solution: easy-to-use authoring tools for online and e-learning solution
  4. Moodle E-Learning Solution
  5. TeachLab Digit Image SA: European market leader Language Lab Solution
  6. CHIERU (Japan): Fully Digital Language Lab becomes Easy, Flexible and interactive. The world best Full Digital Language Lab solution
  7. Howyar Technologies : Dynamic Instant Restore bundle with smart cloning