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Our training sessions are offered both on-site and remote and can be tailored to your role in the organisation by our in house Articulate Storyline trainer. Here are some of the photo taken during some of our onsite training event

Polis DiRaja Malaysia – Sapura SecureTech – Sapura OMV – UNISZA – Jabatan Pertanian (DOA) – Bahagian Sumber dan Teknologi Pendidikan (MOE) – – Great Eastern Life – Great Eastern Takaful  and many more

E-Learning Content Authoring Training is HRDF Claimable!!

Course Outline

This one-day course is divided into four sections, and each has its own aims and objectives. The first section shall provide an introduction and overview, alongside skills such as a preview of project, slide and story view, new projects, the various templates, and how to save a project. The second section shall detail scenes and slides. Specifically, the opening and closing of slides and the properties of slides. Also, working with text like adding and editing of text boxes. Graphics and arrangement of objects shall be the concern of the third section. The last section is about triggers and actions, such as buttons, checkbox, and radio buttons. It also includes screen recordings.

Below is a more thorough course outline:

  • Module 1: Understanding the Storyline
  • Module 2: Creating New Projects
  • Module 3: Working with Slides
  • Module 4: Working with Text
  • Module 5: Graphics
  • Module 6: Arrangement of Objects
  • Module 7: Actions and Triggers
  • Module 8: Screen Recordings
  • Module 9: Player and Publishing

Here are some of the programs we provide (Physical Training): –

  • Introduction to Articulate 360 (1 – day | 7 – hour)
  • Introduction to Articulate 3 (1 – day | 7 – hour)
  • Mastering Articulate 3 (4 – days | 26 – hours)
  • Mastering Articulate Storyline 360 (3 – days | 21 – hours)
  • Mastering Articulate Storyline 3 (3 – day | 21 – hour)

Here are some of the programs we provide (Virtual Training): –

  • Mastering Articulate Storyline 360 and Articulate 360 (10 Sessions | 35 – hours)
  • Mastering Articulate Storyline 3 (5 Sessions | 18 – hours)
  • Mastering Articulate Storyline 360 (8 Sessions | 28 – hours)
  • Introduction to Articulate 360 (2 Sessions| 7 – hours)

The training is conducted by our In-House Trainer


Saya sangat menghargai topik "Amalan terbaik" daripada "trainer" kerana ia adalah sesuatu yang anda tidak boleh perolehi daripada sebarang menu latihan. Saya juga belajar cara mencipta kandungan ePembelajaran dengan pelbagai alatan, serta elemen asas atau blok binaan dalam Articulate Storyline.

Dr Ashfahani

IAB Enstek

I enjoyed the training and learned a lot from it. The training is well planned and focused on practical situations. Really recommended!!

Caryn Leong

Tokio Marine


Latihan  selama 3 hari amat bagus. Banyak perkara baru yang saya pelajari. Pelatih amat sabar untuk mengulang mana-mana topik yang kami tidak faham.

Inspektor Dayangku Faradiana

Bahagian Latihan, Polis DiRaja Malaysia