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Category: Videography

Muntada Group > Videography

StreamYard Authorised Partner

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For Business

Live streaming made easy for business

Use StreamYard Business to create live experiences, build your brand, and engage your community

Maximize Reach

   Broadcast to all channels at once to reach your audience wherever they are.

Elevate your Brand

   Make your message stand out with customizable branding and design features.

Simplify Production

   Easily manage professional shows while maintaining control in your team’s live stream studios.

Build Connections

   Foster existing relationships or build new ones with interactive live chat, flexible layouts and more.

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Category: Videography

Muntada Group > Videography

Make your own whiteboard video fast

VideoScribe is easy, quick and inexpensive. You can create a great video in no time!

VideoScribe Easy to use


Select images, type text and add music or voiceover. VideoScribe does the rest


Create captivating, memorable content in minutes, then publish and share


Produce as many videos as you like, with the most cost-effective tool available

Choose VideoScribe and get:

  • Easy to use drag and drop functionality

  • Instant access to a library of thousands of customizable images and music

  • Support from a professional team and a community ready to help you at anytime

  • A host of other features make it favoured by businesses, educators  and millions worldwide

Key features


Keeping students engaged is one of the core challenges faced by schools.

By bringing VideoScribe into your classroom, you open the door to a visual and interactive educational toolkit, offering your students a way to learn through video.

The process of building a short automated video on any subject, encourages curiosity and cognitive processing of information, while the videos created become valuable personalised revision materials to look back on at exam time.

In the competitive environment of qualifications, applications and selection processes, students are under pressure to be proactive and self-motivated learners. However, many students are being asked to learn from materials which conflict with the visual and fast-pace world that they experience outside of school. Bridging this disconnect between the classroom and the wider world is the key to more engaging and accessible learning.

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