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iSpring Suite Max

iSpring Suite Max: everything you need  to create online courses in record time

Robust PowerPoint-based toolkit for creating courses, quizzes, role-plays, and video lessons

Online space for teamwork and collaboration on courses

68,000+ eLearning assets, templates, and characters to help you build courses faster

Expert help via phone, email, and live chat

  • Develop e-learning contents simply by using Powerpoint.
  • Develop once and run anywhere. Your content will run in any browsers on any platforms and mobile devices.
  • Tested with over 130 LMS and support SCORM standard.
  • Record audio and video narrations and sync with PPT animations.
  • Quiz tool – true/false, multiple choices, matching, drag and drop with custom feedback, time limit and shuffled answers.
  • Advanced screencasting tool – mix multiple audio and video tracks and footage with annotations or graphics.
  • 14 interactive templates including tabs, diagrams, labeled graphic, timeline and hotspot.
  • Character library of various professions and poses.
  •  AI assistant to generate relevant course ideas, questions for your assessments in multiple languages, and fine-tune course design visuals by highlighting important fragments, creating lists, or selecting headings. 
  • Text-to-Speach using AI for almost all world languages
  • Character builder for easy creation of illustrated characters that match your brand identity — without any design skills. 

 iSpring Suite Max 11

Legendary tool for course creation

RM3,290* / year

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*Price for 1 user for 1 year for EDU customer. For different quantity please click here or email us for freelancer, non-profit and Government or for volume discounted pricing

iSpring Space Logo

Online space for course authoring and collaboration

Create courses together with your team

Gather your team around a project to make content richer and deliver it faster. Just send your colleagues a link, and they’ll be able to polish its appearance, edit texts, or add quizzes. 

iSpring Suite Max

Develop amazing content for any training goal

Create online courses for new hire onboarding, product training, soft skills development, assessment, and more.

Dialogue Simulation Dialogue

Call center agents training

Interaction-dealing-angry Interaction 

Sales Training: Dealing with Angry Customer

video-narrationVideo Narration

How to prepare for a call

First Aid Quiz Quiz

First aid quiz


Visual Design Principle


Product Training

Video Narration

The Basic of Merchandising

interaction Interaction

Call How to get started working from home

iSpring Max


Download 14 Days Trial

iSpring Suite 11


ISpring Suite Max Price

1 License
3 Licenses
5 Licenses
iSpring Suite Max 11
RM4,650 / year
RM12,490 / year
RM17,990 / year

We update our pricing from time to time due to currency exchange fluctuation

Academic volume discounted licensing is available for schools, teachers, colleges, universities, polytechnics and etc. Do contact us for details. 

ISpring Suite Max

Gain the most out of iSpring when you get trained by an authorised iSpring certified trainer and developer. We understand iSpring’s true potential because we use iSpring to develop e-learning courses for government agencies and corporate entities. Get iSpring training and we’ll deliver the training at your office!

From PowerPoint to E-Learning with iSpring
Transform your PowerPoint lecture notes into interactive e-content using an award winning iSpring authoring tool in our 2-day course
Duration 1 to 2 Days (depending on your current level)
Time 9am – 4pm
Venue At your office or at our training Lab at Empire Tower, Subang Jaya
Price Email us for details 

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Convert PowerPoint to HTML5

iSpring Converter Pro 11.X

   The world’s best PowerPoint to HTML5 converter for 

   publishing presentations to web and mobile formats. 

Convert PowerPoint to HTML5 and MP4 video

PowerPoint to HTML5

You can flawlessly convert your PowerPoint presentations to an HTML5 format. Thanks to best-in-class HyperPoint technology, all effects and transitions will be preserved across any device. 

PowerPoint to MP4

Convert your slides to an MP4 video to upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. PowerPoint effects will remain intact in your video, as well as audio or video narrations you’ve added to your slides.

Integrated right into PowerPoint

iSpring Converter Pro is shipped as a PowerPoint add-in. The iSpring installer adds a tab to your PowerPoint ribbon, where you can convert your presentations to HTML5.

Guaranteed to preserve all PowerPoint effects

The HyperPoint technology developed by iSpring engineers converts PowerPoint presentations to HTML5 and video with the highest accuracy. 

Animations and Triggers

iSpring Converter Pro perfectly converts 189 of 199 animations available in PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013/2016. iSpring keeps all standard animation effects, as well as effect combinations, triggers, and timings


Transition Effects

iSpring Converter Pro supports all 48 transition effects available in PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013/2016. After conversion, all the transitions that you have fine-tuned in PowerPoint will work!


Video and Audio

Any video and audio format that can play on your system will be converted with iSpring. You can also fine-tune the size and quality of your video and audio to optimize download or streaming speed.  

Tables, Charts and Shapes

iSpring Converter Pro precisely retains formatting and positioning for tables, charts, and shapes, as well as their geometry and sharpness, maintaining their vector representation in online formats. 

Image Quality

iSpring cannot improve the quality of your images, but it definitely will not decrease it. All images that you insert in your presentation will stay crystal clear after conversion. 

Text Formatting and Effects

All text objects will keep their size, position, style, font, color, bullets, and other formatting in your online presentation after processing with iSpring.  

RTL Languages

Hebrew, Arabic, and other RTL presentation developers can rely on iSpring technologies. AccuPoint and HyperPoint support a huge variety of languages.  

Hyperlinks and Buttons

Hyperlinks and buttons add a lot of interactivity to your presentations. Feel free to use them: iSpring will transfer all their functionality to HTML5.   

SmartArt Objects

Complex SmartArt objects on your slides will keep their appearance and clarity on any device after being converted with iSpring to online formats. 

How to convert PPT to HTML5 in 3 steps

Open a PPT in iSpring

Download and install iSpring Converter Pro first — it will appear in your PowerPoint. 

Click Publish

Open the iSpring tab on the PowerPoint ribbon and click Publish. 

Select HTML5 format

Fine-tune player and protection settings if you need, click Publish, and voila! 

HTML5 presentations work flawlessly on all devices

After a single conversion with iSpring, your presentations will adapt to the screen size and orientation of any device.

More than just a converter!

Enrich your presentations with extra features that go above and beyond PowerPoint.

Add engaging rich media materials to your presentation

With iSpring Converter Pro, you can make your presentation even more engaging and informative by adding complementary external resources:

Previous slide
Next slide

Incredible value at a reasonable price

iSpring Converter Pro

Best-in-class PowerPoint to HTML5 and SCORM converter

RM1,299 / year



Test drive iSpring Converter Pro

Enjoy full functionality with a free 14-day trial! Start converting your presentations to HTML5.

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OS-EASY OSS is the world best and the only yet all in-one-tools for managing PC-computer lab. OSS allow administrator to monitor and control clients PC’s remotely, remote wake up on LAN, shutdown, broadcasting file deployment, remote recovery mode switching, lock keyboard and mouse, remotely enter channel OS, parameter settings, Anti-ARP attack, bandwidth control, student operation log, etc.

OSS Modules

Desktop OS Virtualization

User are allowed to create up to 512 virtual OS system in one protected OS system. Any changed data saved in virtual OS system will be permanently saved and it doesn’t affect the base operating systems recovery and protection functions. This will give an option for user / student to have a total independent usage to the computers without affecting the base OS.

OS Virtualization

‘Add-Clone’ Technology for Software Deployment

Featuring the first of it’s kind in the industry, “Add-Clone” function helps you in it’s mass installation and deployment abilities with efficiency and stability. “Add-clone” enables incremental and differential capturing of data changes made since your last cloning.

PC Environment Setting & Recovery 

Support Multi-OS mode. With OS-Easy Recovery System, Windows and Linux can run simultaneously on one computer with only a single license. Unlike other software, you may need additional license for diffrerent OS.

Administrator can recover Windows and Linux to previous status instantly.

Furthermore, it allows administrator to create up to 256 virtual Operating Systems from one base OS in the Master PC. With this functionality, for a lab that has many software to be installed, we can create multi-boot OS, where each boot containt specifics software only. This will definately reduce the computer memory and processing utilisation.

Asset Management Module

The management terminal can remotely collect and view client hardware asset information without manual statistics;
After the client hardware asset information is collected, it is automatically saved in a proprietary database for query;
The management end can intelligently monitor the client’s hardware asset changes, and the client’s assets change. In the real-time, the management end will automatically alert and save to the proprietary database, and the administrator can detect the changes in computer hardware assets in real time for easy processing.
The management terminal can customize to view the asset change records and understand the client’s asset changes;
The system can customize asset report generation, export and generate documents or print archives to quickly complete asset statistics


Combining advanced Computers Lab monitoring, bullet proof protection from virus, malware and also user misconfiguration,  Web Access and Application monitoring and control, Content Monitoring and Desktop Security, Advance Cloning, Desktop Virtualisation and many more; this latest version of OS-Easy rises to the challenge and requirements of today’s modern Lab-PCs-Public Computers Management

OS-EASY OSS Deployment in Malaysia

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Stoneware Lenovo

Use Technology with Confidence

Simple, Reliable Classroom Management

Technology should enable education, not inhibit it. Stoneware’s LanSchool allows you to take control of technology in the classroom so that you can monitor, collaborate and communicate with your students more effectively.



Promote positive redirection through private student-teacher messaging and monitor screens with Website Limiting and Blank Screen functions.


Easily share your screen with the class to distribute materials, administer quizzes and polls, and highlight outstanding student work.


Manage multiple classroom activities all within one simple platform and customize your settings to easily access frequently used features.

Take The Tour

Play Video about LAN School Thumbnail

What’s new in the latest version?

Notable new Insight enhancements include:

  • Fixed over 200 customer-reported issues
  • Added Keystroke Alerting for Chromebook students
  • Included Keystroke Alerts event logging in the Insight Report Server
  • Receive screenshots when banned word event is triggered
  • Resolved dual-monitors issue with Windows 10
  • Add option to disable video streaming


Key Features

Monitor Students

Monitor students by using the Thumbnail view to quickly see each student’s screen.  You can monitor up to 3,000 students at a time, and dual monitors are supported.  The Details View shows columns of information about students.  Useful information, such as last application run, as well as last website visited is shown.  ScreenFeed rotates through student screens, allowing teachers to monitor student screens from a distance.  Other features such as Screen Snapshot, Internet History and Keystroke Monitoring helps maintain a safe environment for all students.


Remove Distractions

Getting the attention of students with technology in their hands is difficult at best.  The Blank Screens feature allows you to focus your students’ attention to the front of the classroom by blanking all student screens.  In addition, you can keep your students focused on the task at hand by limiting their access to specific web sites and applications that are running on their computers.


Teach more effectively by broadcasting the teacher screen to the rest of the class.  Show a student screen to the rest of the class as positive reinforcement.  Remote control a student’s desktop to help with key concepts.  You can easily co-browse the internet, so students go exactly where you do.  Make questions fun by randomly choosing a student using LanSchool.



The communication features found in LanSchool help teachers more effectively communicate with students within the classroom.  Teachers can audio chat, send a message to keep a student on task, chat with an individual or group of students and answer questions quickly with the communication features found in LanSchool.


The communication features found in LanSchool help teachers more effectively communicate with students within the classroom.  Teachers can audio chat, send a message to keep a student on task, chat with an individual or group of students and answer questions quickly with the communication features found in LanSchool.


Assess Student Progress

Use the powerful features of LanSchool to assess student progress, either by asking for quick responses with the voting function, or using Assessment Mode for a test.  Assessment mode addressed the PARCC testing requirements to lock down a device during a test, preventing students from leaving the test, or going to unauthorized websites or applications.  An audit log lets you know what actions were performed on both the student and proctor machine.

Save Time

Save precious teaching time by using LanSchool to send and collect homework assignments to students.  Use the capabilities of LanSchool to power on, logoff, restart and power off machines from the teacher console.


1:1 Support

Support 1:1 initiatives with LanSchool by using Class Lists to automatically discover and bring in student devices at the start of class.  Monitor battery life on student devices so that you are never caught unaware by a low battery.


LanSchool offers the most comprehensive set of classroom guidance features for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and more.

  • Hosted on your local server
  • Easy access to software upgrades and support
  • Clever integration
  • Tech Console for simple IT management
  • Exclusive features include: Broadcast Screen, Vote, Testing, Internet History, Keystroke History and more
Play Video about Lan School

Current LanSchool Customers In Malaysia

Get free consultation for your classroom management needs today.

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iSpring QuizMaker  

The quiz maker to build online assessments


With iSpring QuizMaker, you can create interactive tests and quizzes, set up custom scoring, and evaluate employees’ progress online.

iSpring’s quiz maker helps create online quizzes for learning, knowledge checks, and skill practice


Assess skills and competence online


With iSpring QuizMaker, you can automatically measure the competence levels of your staff members. Simply create a quiz, upload to your LMS, and get an objective overview of employees’ skills and knowledge throughout all departments.

Assess skills and competence online
Consolidate knowledge

Reinforce knowledge after training


Enhance your training materials with quizzes and practical activities, which will help employees polish new skills, and allow you to make sure they’ve grasped the material before moving on.

Teach employees through quizzes


Use drill & practice activities and detailed feedback to help your employees master material at their own pace. You can give multiple attempts on quizzes, add comments to each question, and provide useful links and materials.

Employees on-boarding training
Advance Drag and drop quiz

Let employees practice new skills


With interactive activities, you can stimulate learning and help employees gain and polish their skills. For example, a merchandiser can practice displaying products on shelves, or a sales manager can learn how to use an electronic cash register.

14 question types for accurate knowledge assessment


With iSpring’s quiz maker, you have a huge arsenal of questions: matching, multiple-choice, multiple response, hotspot, drag-and-drop, sequence, and more. Simply choose the appropriate templates and quickly put together a quiz for your employees.

Make assessments more meaningful to enhance the learning experience


Develop quizzes to train and assess employees’ knowledge. Use various types of questions and activities, set rules, and customize the design of your quizzes to match your corporate style.

Answer feedback


Give detailed feedback to help learners review their mistakes and improve performance. You can explain why an answer is incorrect, and provide useful facts or an entire article on a topic.

iSpring QuizMaker answer feedback
iSpring QuizMaker info slide

Info slides


Enhance your training quizzes with additional slides containing detailed information on the subject. This willencourage employees to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts they’ve learned.

Branching scenarios


Create individual learning paths depending on how well each employee is performing on the quiz. For example, if the employee gives a correct answer, they can move to the next question. Otherwise, they have to read an infoslide before moving on.

iSpring QuizMaker branching scenario
iSpring QuizMaker

Audio-based questions


You can use audio-based questions to assess employees’ practical knowledge and skills. For example, if it’s a medical equipment quiz, you can check how well your employees know different warning sounds.

Quizzes with equations


With iSpring’s built-in Equation Editor, you can create quizzes with mathematical symbols and expressions, like square root, power, integral, and many more. For example, you can build a quiz for nurses where they have to calculate drug doses and infusion rates.

iSpring QuizMaker

Design beautiful branded assessments


With iSpring’s quiz maker, you can customize style and colors to match your brand, experiment with different layouts, add text blocks and visuals, and set transparency, shadows, and outlines — everything is just as easy as in PowerPoint.

iSpring QuizMaker

Set testing rules and accurately assess knowledge

You can adjust your quizzes to any type of assessment. iSpring QuizMaker allows you to assign points and penalties, or give limited time and attempts to answer each question.


Setting up points and testing rules

With iSpring QuizMaker, you can set the overall passing score or assign points for each answer individually, and use penalties and set limits for time and attempts.

Randomizing questions

To avoid cheating, you can randomize questions in your quizzes. When you have different question groups, iSpring QuizMaker can select random questions from each group, creating countless variations of the same quiz.

Monitoring quiz results

Automatically send quiz results to your LMS, email, or server. This way, you can keep control of your employees’ progress and further develop your methods and strategy.

iSpring QuizMaker
iSpring QuizMaker


iSpring QuizMaker

An industry-leading tool for building interactive assessments 

RM1,599* / year

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Muntada Group > Products > iSpring

iSpring Suite

 The ultimate authoring toolkit for e-Learning development.

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iSpring Converter Pro

PowerPoint-based Flash presentations and courses, secure and web-ready

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iSpring Learn (LMS)

Hosted LMS perfectly integrated with iSpring authoring tools

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iSpring TalkMaster

Build conversation simulations that effectively train and assess communication skills

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iSpring QuizMaker

iSpring QuizMaker

Rapid development of interactive Flash quizzes and surveys

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iSpring Cam Pro

iSpring Cam Pro

Best Create compelling software tutorials and training videos

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