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Rosetta Stone is the ideal language learning solution for all primary and secondary education

Ideal for

With limited spare time you can still learn the new language you desire and in the comfort of your own home at times that fit your schedule. Should you want to learn new words, sentences and speak in a new language with a chance to practise pronunciation, then the Download is perfect.

Start learning a new language and see where it takes you. Whether you want to make the most of your holiday, get that promotion at work or be able to have a conversation with your relatives from other countries, just 30 minutes a day can get you on the road to speaking confidently. Make every second count – on the train or in a queue – and take the first step on your language-learning journey.

What’s included?

More than 200 hours of high quality, interactive language learning content
Pronunciation training with our patented speech recognition technology
Adaptive Recall feature that helps transfer what you’ve covered in previous lessons to long term memory, by letting you know when it’s time to review what you’ve learnt.
Install on 2 computers, each enabling up to 5 users

What you can achieve

Start from the very first lesson to learn new words and sentences in your chosen language. The real life sessions and context of the immersion method will create a perfect basis to apply your new language.

Master topics such as : greetings , shopping, orders , directions , travel, orientation , time, food , phone calls , express opinions , express feelings , Smalltalk , health and wellbeing , weight , size and length specifications , celebrations Restaurant visits , repairs , talks on culture, politics and the economy , school , work and study.

This course will equip you to connect with people in your new language and broaden your horizons.

Available for the following languages:

Arabic Greek Polish Chinese (Mandarin)
Hebrew Portuguese Dutch Hindi
Russian English (American) Irish Spanish (Latin America)
English (British) Italian Spanish (Spain) Filipino
Japanese Swedish French Korean
Turkish German Persian (Farsi) Vietnamese