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Privacy Policy

Muntada Technology Sdn Bhd and MuntadaNet Inc (USA), have established the following Privacy Policy for its members, subscribers and patrons. We may change this policy at a later date and without notice to you. Our privacy policy will always be available on our website, and you should review it periodically for updates. We have created this Privacy Policy so that you are comfortable using our services without fear of intrusion by unauthorized parties.

1. What We Collect

You must provide us with valid credit card or other payment information in order to maintain your account. You must also provide us with address and billing information so that we may service your account, and information about the model of your computer, software installed, peripherals attached, etc. The specific information you provide us which identifies you, your account, or any demographic information about you will not be disclosed to any third party for any reason, without your permission.

When using our services we may record information about the problems or questions you may be having, and other related information needed to solve your problem such as your computer make and model, software, web browser, IP address, e-mail accounts, etc.

From time to time we may conduct customer satisfaction surveys and ask you to provide additional information. These surveys are designed to allow us to better our services to you, and information you provide will not be used other than for that purpose.

2. How We Use The Information We Collect

We use information to provide service to your account, to bill you for services, and to track problems and corrective action to allow us to serve you better on subsequent calls. We may track our service to you for statistical purposes, and to improve our service to you and all of our clients. We may utilize statistical data in our marketing and advertising however, this data will be used only in the aggregate and will not identify you or your account information in any way.

Comments, questions, testimonials or other information initiated by you and provided to us through our website, email or other written and verbal communications are considered non-confidential in nature and we are free to use such comments, questions, testimonials or other information as we see fit, including marketing and advertising without your express permission and release, as long as we do not identify you, or identify you only by non-specific designations (ie. initials, locale, city, state, etc.).

3. When We May Disclose Information

Information provided to us may be disclosed to other parties when we are required to do so as part of a legal action or court order. We may also choose to disclose personal information if you fail to fulfill your membership obligations as specified in our Terms of Service.

4. Your Obligations and Responsibilities

You must provide us with accurate information in order to service your account. You must notify us if for any reason the information you have provided becomes invalid (credit card expiration, etc.), or inaccurate, and you will update the information as soon as possible after any changes have occurred.

5. Additional Notes

Our website may contain links to other sites which are not part of Muntada Technology Sdn Bhd and MuntadaNet Inc (USA). We provide these links because we feel it will enhance your experience on our website and may provide helpful information. Linked sites are not under our control and are provided only for your convenience. We cannot assure that the operators of these sites adhere to privacy policies as we do. You are advised to check with these sites directly for their privacy policies before providing them with any personal information.

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