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OS-EASY provides tools for managing computer lab. You can monitor and control clients PC's remotely, remote wake up on LAN, shutdown, broadcasting file deployment, remote recovery mode switching, lock keyboard and mouse, remotely enter channel OS, parameter settings, Anti-ARP attack, bandwidth control, student operation log, etc.

Desktop OS Virtualization
User are allowed to create up to 512 virtual OS system in one real protected OS system. Any changed data saved in virtual OS system will be permanently saved and it doesn't affect the real operating systems recovery and protection functions.

OS Virtualization

'Add-Clone' Technology for Software Deployment

Featuring the first of it's kind in the industry, "Add-Clone" function helps you in its mass installation and deployment abilities with efficiency and stability. "Add-clone" enables incremental and differential capturing of data changes made since your last transfer.
Add Clone Technology

PC Environment Setting & Recovery
Support Multi-OS mode. With OS-Easy Recovery System, Windows, Linux can run simultaneously on one computer. Administrator can recover Windows and Linux to previous status instantly. Furthermore, it allows administrator to create up to 256 channels from one real OS in the Master PC.
PC Environment Setting & Recovery

Application Metering
Get record of application usage, network usage and Administrator operation.

Application Metering


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