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Key Features of NetSupport Inform when used within a working team:

  • Transmit the a selected users Screen, selected desktop or an application to the other members of the group.

  • Transmit (show) a Video and audio to all members of the team.

  • Utilize powerful annotation tools to aid in delivering and explaining your content or presentations.



Key Features of NetSupport Inform for use in a training centre environment :

  • Auto Power On / Off center computers.

  • Pre-prepare systems with Auto Login and Logout of all computers.

  • Request attendee details and create an attendance record for the session.


With NetSupport Inform, Instructors and trainers can improve the efficiency of instruction by centrally managing staff or delegates on their computers, tracking delegate activity by monitoring application and web usage, improve responsiveness through the use of real-time chat requests, and save time by quickly polling delegates with an instant survey and showing results.

Trainers can also record all screen, keyboard and mouse activity on a delegate workstation to review later or to replay to other attendees in the class. With training budgets under increasing pressure, NetSupport Inform enables Corporate training center's and training institutions to maximize the return from the IT infrastructure already in place.

NetSupport Inform makes training and internal communication faster and easier to implement and delivers a greater input on employees' skill set, with a greater return on training investment as a consequence.

NetSupport Inform delivers benefits to all users, at every level of your organization

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