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AssetMMS Introduction


As industries become increasingly technically advanced, it is more important than ever to ensure plant profitability with an organized, accountable maintenance program. The solution is AssetMMS 3.0, a completely integrated cloud-based building maintenance and asset management system that enable companies to:

  • Organize and track asset and inventory
  • Maintain confidential labor records
  • Allocate resources
  • Generate work orders
  • Requisition and purchase parts through Requisition of Purchase (ROP)
  • Work Requisition through Request of Work (ROW)
  • Manage customer complaint through Customer Call Request (Work Request)
  • Project equipment failure
  • Set Schedule Preventive Maintenance tasks (SPM)

AssetMMS 3.0 accommodates any size facility. User can install AssetMMS 3.0 on a standalone or client/server system. Furthermore, AssetMMS 3.0 has seamless upgrade capability. For example,
you can enter data into a standalone version, and then upgrade it to a client/server system with no additional data entry. This level of user control has contributed to making AssetMMS 3.0 the choice of more maintenance professionals than any other maintenance management system in Malaysia.

AssetMMS 3.0 is the Malaysia's first fully Web-architectbuilding management system. Users access AssetMMS 3.0 through a standard Internet browser from anywhere and at any time, which minimizes network traffic and eliminates expensive hardware purchases.

AssetMMS 3.0

And because AssetMMS 3.0 is built on open Internet standards such as Java and PHP, it is easy to integrate with other enterprise systems. Developed using PHP and MySql, AssetMMS 3.0 makes full use of open source MySql database, and stored procedures to guarantee database integrity and a robust, scaleable, enterprise-wide application. AssetMMS 3.0 is best runs on a Linux Redhat server. Redhat is known with the stability and virus free Network Operating System (NOS).


AssetMMS 3.0 enables efficient use of computer hardware by minimizing network traffic over modern LANs and WANs. The application is fully portable over a multitude of hardware platforms.


With AssetMMS 3.0, company receives a complete solution that maximizes returns on investment while minimizing the total cost of ownership. In fact, Muntada offers AssetMMS 3.0 through hosting
to further reduce capital expenses and labor associated with IT departments. With the hosted delivery method, customers eliminate hardware and software concerns by loading and storing their data at a secure remote location. In addition, Muntada has built-in layers of redundancy and a host of other safeguards for an unparalleled level of security and reliability. As a result, companies get secure access to one integrated solution for all their Asset Performance Management needs.

Software Features

Asset Management

AssetMMS 3.0

Asset management allows users to track assets and their associated locations. These will acilitate customer-determined data collection and analysis for equipment movement, aintenance, and cost for individual assets and any groupings of assets.


Asset in database can be search thru few ways as shown above

Asset View

E-mail and SMS (Short Messaging Service) integration

7 AssetMMS 3.0 enables user-defined recipients to receive e-mail or SMS notifications at pre-defined intervals following a change in work, complaint or purchase order status. The automatic messages keep personnel updated on actions such as work or purchase order requests, approvals, completions, and purchase order receipts as well as deletions in the database.

For complaints that are logged by the customer, the feature also allows instantaneous notification to the respective employees or manager. This will allow fast respond in attending the problem.


Multi-Organization Security

1 AssetMMS 3.0 is designed for companies with branches, offices or plants in multiple locations. With AssetMMS 3.0, company could manage multiple branches with one database. Each site within the organization is able to view and edit its own data while other sites can do the same. These capabilities form a collaborative environment that permits users across countries to share common data. Multi-organization also enables companies to perform separate functions, such as facilities, fleet, and plant management, creating one solution for various needs.

What Is Extra?

Muntada is providing a fully customized solution. Despite all those features listed above, Muntada can always customize the system for you. This to ensure the systems is really suite toward any business requirement.

Successful Story


Pensera Sdn Bhd is a major maintenance company with more than 80 client buildings all over Malaysia Pensera has been using AssetMMS 3.0 since October 2001. They have a good track record of cost saving since they implement AssetMMS 3.0. Please see the table of Pensera’s cost saving below. They had been totally relying on telephone for their business operation since 1987. Since AssetMMS 3.0 in place, their operations have been more efficient than before.

Azizi Sdn Bhd also been running Asset MMS 3.0 since January 2003. They have been implementing AssetMMS over their 10 customer buildings.

Modules Description




Administration Module

  • Option module is the base and core module for AssetMMS 3.0.
  • Functions as the prerequisite for all other modules.
  • Provides key security and administrative controls over business processes:
    password control, classification codes, and various operating accesses and permissions.

Work Request Request

  • Customer has personalized login.
  • Customer could log in problem directly and get status instantaneously.
  • Customers will be notified via e-mail or SMS, for any jobs has been closed or done.

Asset Management

  • Identifies tracks, locates, and analyzes physical assets.
  • Associates documents, permits, and other data with assets.
  • Establishes and controls interactive relationships between assets and their associated business processes and usage.

Work Order.

  • Generate work orders for scheduled maintenance work.
  • Quickly update labor, parts, and comments for multiple work orders.
  • Controls work order processes for routine maintenance, response maintenance and periodic preventive maintenance.
  • Stores material and task lists in a library for easy reference and retrieval.
  • Assign resource / employees to respective work.
  • Expedites work order entry.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance.

  • Manages condition-based maintenance by defining inspection points belonging to one or more assets.
  • Executes inspection jobs ad hoc, triggered by time frequency and/or meters (calendar- or meter-based inspection) or general based on previous inspection results (condition-based inspections).

Purchasing Management through Purchase Order.

  • Automatically generate quotations for all inventory items that have reached their reorder points.
  • After receiving price quotes from vendors,
  • Generate a requisition from the quotation.
  • Computes the cost of services using either fixed prices or time and materials.
  • Controls purchase order and invoice matching processes for stocked materials, direct materials, hired labor, and services.
  • Monitors the progress of quotations for materials and services.


  • Create inventory and vendor records.
  • Record the quantities and reorder points of each item for different sites or warehouses.

Reporting and Analysis

  • Select from all kind of reports, including equipment, inventory, labor, purchasing.
  • Scheduling, statistical predictive maintenance, task, Work Request, and work order reports.
  • This option can be totally customized.


  • Specify the days that the facility normally operates each week. AssetMMS 3.0 does not generate work orders for days that the facility does not operate; instead, AssetMMS 3.0 generates those work orders on the next working day.

Administration Module

Security and Users Management

  • Create security groups and user accounts and passwords.
  • Limit access at the menu, form, and/or field level. Hide menu options, forms, and fields, and designate forms and fields as read-only.
  • Allow user or customers to change their profile and password.
  • Different secure login would see different things.

Work Requests through Request of Work

  • Create requests for equipment-related and/or location-related maintenance work.
  • Quickly enter requests that tenants call in, and then immediately create work orders from the requests.



Screen Shoot


Listed below is some screen shoot of the module.


1) Smart Login



Different login would allow user with different access. There are 4 roles defined, admin, user, customer and guest. ‘Admin’ role meant for administrator, which has most access and view of the functionalities. ‘User’ role meant for the maintenance company personnel at respective office. ‘Customer’ role meant for building owner’s personnel. Last but not least, ‘Guest’ is meant for building owner’s general access.



  2) Work Request Module



With Work Request a user is able to list all complaints that are logged by their customers or building owners’ personnel. Work Request also can create a summary of all complaints for any range of date and time specified.




Shown above is a sample of complaint logged by a user at PUAS BHD’s Headquarter. Work Request verification is where user response the status of the problem.

3) Work Order Module


There are 3 types of Work Order:

  • Schedule Work Order
  • Unscheduled Work Order
  • Contractor Work Order

Schedule Work Order (WO) where date and time can be specified for automatically producing WOs.

Sample Output for Schedule WO (Work Order)
Unscheduled WO is created for an ad hoc or incidental work.
Contractor WO where WO can be created base on pre-define contractor. List of permanent contractors must be defined in database prior to creating Contractor WO.


4) Requisition of Work


Request of Work Summary page


5) Schedule Preventive Maintenance Module

Shown above is the page of Setting New Schedule Preventive Maintenance task





Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Monthly Report

6) Purchase Order Module


7 ) Administration Module
Systems code is defined in the database.
Contractor Profile is been defined in the database.


Best view with : Internet Explorer 9 + Google Chrome 9 + Firefox 9 and above. 1280 x 800 screen resolution

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