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EasySchool Company presents the new version  Easy School-Evolution 16

This update version breaks down the walls of the classroom and allows for the use to other classes or other PCs within the institution with innovative Audio-Video compression which distinguishes the product.

As the following some features of the Easy School Net Evolution 16:
  • Professional Language Module DVR 16.

  • Multi Digital Form: Send up to 12 simultaneous digital video to different individuals or different groups.

  • Multi-channel optional module for sending 4 4 AV sources External Audio (DVD - VHS - TV - Room etc.) to individuals or different groups in addition to previous 12 Digital Video for a total of 16 videos.

  • Function improved communication and Groups Module Audio Active Comparative Linguistics.

  • Multimedia Module Test Professional.

  • Instant Survey Module: Module immediate test to conduct surveys in class instant

  • Improvement of the module with the possibility of Chath scruttura graphics

  • Block messaging programs (NetMeeting, Facebook etc.)

  • Class History: Allows you to have control of the Log of the Internet (sites visited, etc.), monitoring of installed programs and hardware of each student

  • Device Control: Manages CD, USB ports, Floppy students

  • Control of Printers

  • and many other innovative features

Every click of a button performs exactly the command that is written on it with the function being performed.

Also, to help teacher to use Easy School Net Evolution 16 were created three micro-areas.   


The strength of EasySchool are: Professionalism, Easy to Use and Flexibility. These qualities make it suitable for all teaching methodologies, monitoring and assisting students, as they provide compared to traditional multimedia systems. Easy School is a modular system that can adapt to new and different activities of teaching, from elementary to university.

MULTI CHANNEL 4AV Module SEND IN REAL-TIME up to 4 (four) different SIGNALS Audio / Video SIMULTANEOUS from external sources such as VCRs, DVD, TV, etc.., Single or multiple groups can be easily customized with the drag and drop whatever the number of PCs in the classroom without the need to scan files on the source audio and video to be transmitted outside guaranteeing the fluidity of transmitting video and stereo audio professional, suitable for the type of Professional Language Laboratories.

Easy School Net Evolution 16 includes the innovative 12 Multi DIGITAL VIDEO CHANNEL allows to send real-time up to 12 Audio-

Video in different individuals or students groups simultaneously.


Digital Video Recorder


Multi Digital Channel

Digital Language Laboratory DVR16 Module Optional   

Digital Video Recorder DVR 16 turns ordinary PC into a Language Lab professional suitable for the study of languages in the universities that require maximum performance in terms of audio and video.


Teacher can send Multimedia Audio-Video sources, without any problem, thanks to the simplicity to use EasySchool Evolution 16. Teacher can send all contents and it doesn't need to "digitalize" the contents :-


- AUDIO-VIDEO Analogical Module up to 12 Audio Video Simultaneous

Audio-Video Digitale


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