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iSpring Suite 9.7 - E-Learning Authoring Made Easy

Create interactive eLearning courses with narrations, interactions, quizzes and surveys directly from PowerPoint and publish for LMS.


Take Maximum from PowerPoint

Maximize PowerPoint

iSpring Suite is an add-in for PowerPoint that appears
on a special tab of its toolbar and ensures seamless
eLearning development in minimum time.

Create E-Learning in PowerPoint

Start creating interactive and effective eLearning content using advanced features of PowerPoint and special eLearning functionality provided by iSpring Suite.

E-Learning software
Easy tracking in LMS

Publish for LMS

Deliver your eLearning course via virtually any Learning Management System. iSpring Suite generates eLearning courses in compliance with SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004
(2nd, 3rd and 4th edition) and AICC.

Add Advanced Quizzes

Measure effectiveness of your eLearning course with engaging
quizzes and surveys. Take advantage of 23 advanced question
categories, branching scenarios, individual feedback and more.

Quiz maker, test maker and exam maker
Logo and watermark in PowerPoint

Protect Your Content

Make sure your presentation is protected before you upload it online. Take advantage of iSpring's advanced protection features: watermark, password, domain and time restriction.

Add Voice Overs

Give live comments to your slides with voice overs.
iSpring Suite allows you to easily record, import and synchronize voice overs with animations and slides
of your course.

Record Video Narrations

Run your eLearning course personally by recording or importing a video narration. With iSpring Suite, your video narration can be perfectly synchronized with eLearning content.

Voice overs and video narrations for eLearning courses
Customizable Flash presentation player

Customize Course Player

Present eLearning in the most functional way with iSpring’s
fully customizable player. Design your own course player by
choosing its colors, layouts and features.

Add Richmedia Interactions

Explain lots of facts in a convenient and clear way. Make use of interaction templates such as 3D book, directory, FAQ or timeline to enrich your eLearning course.

E-Learning interactions

LMS Support

With iSpring you create content, compatible with AICC, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004(2nd, 3rd, 4th edition) and ready for virtually any LMS.

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iSpring Suite. Effective E-Learning with PowerPoint

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