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Faronics System Profiler makes it easy to discover what hardware and software are installed in your computer.

With a few simple clicks, this freeware utility will generate a detailed inventory of a workstation's configuration and properties. System Profiler allows users to quickly view all hardware and software applications currently installed on a computer in either a summary or detailed report.

System Profiler is an invaluable tool when trying to diagnose and troubleshoot technical problems. It's also great at tracking all applied application and operating system updates, including version numbers for all installed applications.

Use System Profiler to inventory:

  • Faronics Software

  • Machine

  • Physical Drives

  • Logical Drive Volumes

  • CPU/Cache

  • Motherboard/Memory/BIOS

  • Operating System

  • Running Programs

  • Network Connections

  • Installed Applications

Faronics System Profiler allows you to:

  • Help ensure license compliance by identifying workstations which contain legacy applications and/or out-dated software or hardware that can compromise your operations. Easily discover workstations which require updating and confirm the quantities of specific software you have deployed to avoid licensing issues.
  • Accelerate IT productivity by automating the cumbersome process of manual IT asset inventory - say good-bye to Excel spreadsheets! Effortlessly track IT assets from a central platform and minimize errors while you identify and address workstation changes/ differences quickly.
  • Minimize business risks with full visibility into the overall health of your workstations. Coupled with comprehensive, on-demand asset inventory reports, you can make more informed decisions on deployment needs and necessary upgrades when itā€™s time to migrate to newer systems.

Built on Faronics Core to provide one-stop management of all your Faronics solutions, System Profiler complements your existing deployment by offering vital information that can be utilized in Deep Freeze baseline configurations, Power Save Energy Consumption Profiles, or Anti-Executable whitelists.

Light But Still Insightful

Faronics System Profiler is a powerful, enterprise-ready inventory tool built on the Faronics Core management platform, but for a quick view of the hardware and software existing on one computer, thereā€™s Faronics System Profiler Standard.

System Profiler Standard is a stand-alone application that creates summary or detailed reports on the inventory of a single computer. It can also provide an easy way to see System Profiler in action.

Download Faronics System Profiler Standard here.

For your enterprise deployment, download Faronics System Profiler here.

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